Who I Am


Years ago my youngest daughter died and it took me years to figure out that life does go on.  My life is a day at a time.  If I try my best than that is all I can ask of my self!  I would say I am a comical realist.  I try to see the glass is full, but in the end I just see a glass, and wonder what did it matter if it was half full or empty.  Life can be great, but you just need to learn to live it!

I have a total of 7 children, 3 girls and 4 boys, all named after US presidents.  Tayler, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan (9/7/01-10/3/01), Grant, Harrison & Jackson.  With that many different angles you never know what may happen at my house.  Nothing really surprises me anymore.  If the boys can find a new way of trouble, they will!  Enjoy my happy, hair pulling, and adventurous tales!

I have also been married to my best friend for the past 22 years!  Billy is literally the rock that holds me up and the glue when we need it!